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The Impassionate Collector



The Impassioned Collector

The Impassioned Collector follows Arthur Bradshaw over a span of sixty years. It perfectly balances its historical moments with the familial and personal. It is a beautiful merge of historicism and fiction which takes the reader on a journey from England to South Africa and across the globe in Arthur’s seafaring days, from his youth to adulthood encompassing his marriage and children.

Jane Allen portrays a unique family, the Bradshaws, through the early years of the 20th century and the world-wide upheaval of the Great War which barely affected them. The story centres on their house, The Grange, in a small village in Oxfordshire where life passes in leisurely country pursuits until the day in London when Arthur encounters a Fabergé object, and his life is irrevocably changed. Such is the coup de foudre that the passion for collecting Fabergé consumed the rest of his life. A heart-warming story of pastoral life and the obsession with collecting that the collector mostly kept secret.